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"We are not problems waiting to be solved, but potential waiting to unfold.”

Frederic Laloux

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Working with The Coaching Approach over the last 8 months has been a real help. I had a eureka moment that led me to take a more positive and effective approach to my work challenges. The results were: better appreciation of the challenges my colleagues & team members have; less stress and a promotion. Thank you Tony.
- John Haddow (VP Sales)

“Working with Tony saved me from negative thought patterns that I had been allowing to determine the path I was setting for myself. Without Tony's help I feel I would not have discovered just how much I am capable of. All in all, it was a hugely rewarding experience and I am excited to keep these valuable lessons with me, going forward.”
- Suzanne Spicer (Assistant Buyer & Merchandiser)

Your coaching has helped me to clarify what I do, and don’t, like about the business, and has given me the confidence to make the changes I need to make.”
- Sue Luck (Business Owner)

"Tony has a fantastic knack of teasing out exactly whatever it is that needs to surface from the sub-conscious. He provides an environment in which it is possible to share issues and ideas that can have a profound effect. If you need a coach that can help you to make the impossible possible, then Tony is exactly who you need."
- Jonathan Wilcock (Creative Director)

"Coaching from Tony has made a huge difference to me.  "Do it yourself coaching" on the web is good, but having someone as talented in their field as Tony to help you see things from so many different perspectives is invaluable and I would recommend it to anyone.”
- John Brudenell-Leech (Financial Controller)

"The increased self-knowledge I have gained from the coaching has been very powerful. I have restructured my Senior Management Team, which has created a better balance for the school, as well as for myself. It has been a massive energy saver, has improved my confidence and has helped me to be a lot more focused."
- Judith Lees (Headteacher)

"I have changed so much since the coaching sessions I had with you a couple of years ago, and have a much greater understanding of myself.  I now have a fab job, managing a team and feel so confident."
- Anne O'Sullivan (Manager)

“The coaching has put me in a better place to be able to lead my school, and has also boosted my self esteem.”
- Mandy Cebunka (Headteacher)

“In addition to achieving my original goals, I feel sufficiently empowered to aim much higher than before when deciding “what next?” because I have a much better understanding of me and what I am really capable of.”
- Andrew Arnold (Programme Manager)

“Some of the credit for the way my career has developed must go to you and your coaching. It really was very helpful.”
- Tony Hooper (Deputy Regional Director)

“My goals which previously seemed daunting are now being reached surprisingly easily. It’s been demanding, liberating and a right laugh. Thanks Tony.”
– Paul Follows (Coach)

“I have created the next twenty years of my life, and it feels very exciting and real.”
– Paul Alexander (Telecoms Executive)

“Immediately after the coaching session I took a decision to take action on something I did not ever believe possible.”
– Karen Denton (Telecoms Executive)

“Tony has enabled me to identify my true life values, and to therefore find and identify my own true self. Thank you.”
– Tabitha Montague-Smith (Therapist)

“Working with Tony has been an enlightening experience where he has helped me find solutions for my own situation.”
– Robin Coleman (Programme Manager)

“Best money I have spent IN A LONG, LONG TIME!”
– Natalie Ellis (Manager)