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Always done it this way

This morning, on my 1,057th run of a mile or more each day, I did something different.

I ran without recording my distance, my time or my pace.

When I started today I had an app on my iPhone where I had recorded every single run I've done since I started this jolly experiment on 1st January 2010.

Over coffee this morning I deleted that app and every single piece of data I had recorded.

It all started after I wrote my blog post on the chatting zone two weeks ago.

In that post, one of the things I said was "sometimes just cast off the shackles of measuring anything, go out there and run free".

Now although I have done that before and have always found it liberating and exciting, I realised that I had never actually done it since starting my "running streak" almost 3 years ago.

It didn't seem quite right to promote something that I don't do myself, at least at the moment.

So I asked myself the question, "why do I have to record every session?"

I thought about it, and realised that when I started running every day it helped keep me motivated and focussed. It was a useful support structure.

But when I thought some more I realised that it actually serves no purpose at all any more. It's become one of those habits that I do because "I've always done it this way".

Once I realised this, I decided that I'm not going to record my runs any more.

I may measure distance if I'm running a brand new route and want to ensure it's at least a mile.

I also have a training plan to get me up to the ideal mileage in preparation for being a pacer at the 2013 Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon. So I'll measure my distances for those runs but I won't record them.

I was really surprised at how free I felt when I deleted my running log from my iPhone.

What habits do you have that you do because you've always done it this way?

What freedom might you find if you stopped those habits?

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