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When I ventured out this morning I was planning my minimum daily mile-and-a-bit as it was very icy and it was snowing again. Once I got going, keeping as much as possible to the thicker snow where it was less likely to be icy, I decided to push on to my 2-mile route and then again to my 5K.

As I was running up a snow covered private road, a lady outside her house with her dog said "Dedicated!" as I ran by. My immediate response was "Oh yes, every day".

Just a little further up the road, I realised that my dedication is only really there for a split second each day and that's the moment I start to get ready to go out for my run.

It takes energy to get anything moving from a stationary position, but as soon as that object starts moving, something called momentum takes over.

Once moving, it takes more energy to stop something than it does to keep going. (Not sure if this always applies to running up hills?!)

What I should have said to the lady who said "Dedicated!" is, "Actually I'm having fun. For me this is playing. It would be harder not to do it."

I was toasty warm with the woolly hat, gloves and layers I had on, and it was by far my most fun run so far in 2013.

It only takes a split second of dedication every day to create movement in an area of your life where you're currently not moving.

What area of your life could that be, and which is the second you're going to choose to start the ball rolling today?

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